Is it really necessary to attend an emcee training program if you want to become an effective Master of Ceremonies? Many believe as long as one has some prior experience in public speaking, it is all it takes for him to become an effective Master of Ceremonies.

The truth is – to become a good Emcee, it takes more than just possessing good public speaking skills. Undeniably, good content is a must in most events. However, packaging the content together, making it flow and ensuring that the audience are informed and entertained are the some of the many responsibilities of a good Emcee.

If you’ve the strong desire to be an exuberant and exciting Emcees then this 1 Day workshop is what you’ve been looking for.

After attending this course, you can be assured that you’ll be able to better understand the protocol and social etiquette of a Master of Ceremonies. In today’s highly competitive and demanding entertainment industry, you just can’t afford to make mistakes.

This course will turn you into an alert, serious yet entertaining Master of Ceremonies ever.

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Master of Ceremonies or Emcee Training in Singapore

Emcee Training Program Objective

The key objectives of this programme are to develop confidence and assertiveness in the role of a emcee. Delegates will be well equipped with the knowledge and understanding of the duties and expectations of an emcee.

What You Can Expect From the Course

The Role of Master Ceremonies

  • Welcome speech
  • Introduce speakers
  • Explain programmes
  • Memorable conclusion
  • Be there early
  • Understand stage management
  • Act like a genial host
  • Be totally familiar with the occasion
  • Familiar with the protocol

What Not to Do or Say As an Emcee

  • You are not the star of the show
  • Keep your comment short and sweet
  • Don’t read from a sheet of paper
  • Don’t try to sell the event or appraise it
  • Don’t be eating, drinking, smoking when you are speaking
  • Don’t give lengthy introductions
  • Don’t play favouritism
  • Know exactly what to say and what not to say

The Art of Toasting

  • Learn the fine art of Toasting
  • When to propose a Toast
  • Respose to a Toast
  • Different Toasts for different occasions
  • Memorise the scripts of Toast

Presentation and Perception

  • Understand the stage presence
  • Understand stage management
  • Body Language
  • Fight the terror of stage fear

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Attend our Professional Emcee Course and let us groom to become the most knowledgeable,effective and entertaining Master of Ceremonies you can possibly be.

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Course Schedule

Note: This schedule is a guide and may be modified depending on the group dynamics and the needs of the participants.

Morning Session (9.00–10.30am)
  • The Role of the Emcee
  • Social Etiquette & Protocol
  • Memory Training
  • Techniques for remembering names & objects
  • Different Types of Toasts
  • Practice the Toasts
Coffee Break (15 minutes)
Morning Session (10.45am–12.30pm)
  • Introducing Guests
  • Presentation Skills – Body language & Vocal Variety
  • Using Microphones, Lecterns, Lighting
  • Platform Manners
  • Exercise & Practice
Tea Break (3.00pm – 3.15pm) Presentation and Perception

  • Understand the stage presence
  • Understand stage management
  • Body Language
  • Fight the terror of stage fear
Afternoon Session (3.15-4.30pm)
  • Speaking in Praise
  • Words to Use for Award Presentations
  • Using Humour to Stimulate the Audience
  • Think on Your Feet
  • What to do and Say
  • What NOT to do and Say

 Attend our Professional Emcee Training Program and let us groom to become the most knowledgeableeffective and entertaining Master of Ceremonies you can possibly be.

Your Path to Becoming an Effective Master of Ceremonies

Your Investment: S$525 (S$488 for early birds who register 3 weeks before the commence of the course)

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