Tips to Developing Killer Presentation Skills


Understanding The Why

As a speaker, someone on the stage or behind the podium, it is necessary for you to first understand why are you there? What’s the one reason why you’re standing in front of your audience? Do you stand in front of them as a trainer, to share and transfer valuable knowledge to them? Or do you stand in front of them to convince them, to garner their support for your cause? Many public speaking courses primarily focus on the style of delivery, where you should stand, how you should move your hands or what you should put in your powerpoint slides. However, what many public speaking coaches fail to teach is the “Why” behind all speeches.

  • Why are you standing in front of this audience?
  • Why should your audience listen to you?
  • Why this group of people and not someone else?

Why? In fact, just by answering this one question, you will automatically the answers to your “How” or “What“!

  • How you should deliver your speech?
  • How you should structure your speech to achieve the biggest impact?
  • What essential evidence or proof you should weave into your presentation?
  • What should you say or NOT say in front of your audience?

The truth is, no two speeches in this world are identical. You may have memorized Martin Luther Kings speech, “I’ve a Dream” word for word. However, when deliver the speech, your “Why” isn’t the same “Why” as Martin Luther King deliver his historical speech. It is the “Why” that makes the difference!

Content Is Just One Part of a Great Presentation

Many amateur speakers have the belief that as long as they do their research well and have a beefy content, it is all they need to deliver a killer presentation. Nothing can be further from the truth.     Many amateur speakers when first step onto the stage, what’s