Looking for a reliable public speaking course that impart you the fool-proof strategies overcome your fear of public speaking or Glossophobia?

Everyone has fear, even a great speaker or a great politician can suffer from fear of public speaking. However, what make them different is because they’ve learnt how to contain their fear in public speaking and utilize it to their advantage.

During public speaking engagements, we all experience stage fright and butterflies in the stomach. However, what actually separates the confident public speaker from the novice lies in his or her ability in making these butterflies fly in beautiful formations!

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What Does It Mean to “FEAR” Public Speaking?

Yes, you can actually turn the F.E.A.R from Forget Everything And Run into Forever Enthusiastic And Robust.

Imagine how much more you can accomplish in life if you are a confident speaker as compare to a timid and fearful speaker. Why fear public speaking when you can learn to embrace it and use it to your advantage – receive the bonus, promotion or pay increment you desire?

True enough, being able to overcome the fear of public speaking and being able to speak confidently in front of a large group of people is never easy, still, it is not impossible.

If you’ve the desire and to overcome the fear of public speaking and become the confident and fluent speaker we know you’re capable of, then come join us for a half day’s workshop on how you can “Fight the Fear Out of You“.

After the workshop, we’re sure you’ll be able to walk out from it as a confident and fearless speaker you always desire to be…

Overcome Fear of Public Speaking Course Overview

  1. Understand What’s Fear and Phobia?
  2. The Roles Fears Play in our lives?
  3. Effective Ways to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking & Stage Fright?
  4. Common Fear of Public Speaking Symptoms
  5. Best Ways to Control Stage Fright
  6. How to Create a State of Excellence
  7. Critical Factors in Giving an Excellent Presentation
  8. Exercise in Fighting Fear of Public Speaking
  9. Evaluation of Your Fear and Anxiety in Everyday Life
  10. Evaluation of your Fear in Public Speaking and Presentation
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