Ernest Chen in Shanghai’s Lighthouse Toastmaster Club!

With President Lighthouse Toastmasters ClubShanghai, a place of delicious food, beautiful sceneries and friendly people. During my trip there, I visited one of the Toastmaster Club in Shanghai – Lighthouse.

At the Lighthouse Toastmasters Club, I gave a 25 minutes impromptu talk on The Power of Rhetoric and the crowd loved it!

Below is the email sent to me by the Vice-President of Education, Julian Yang.

“Dear Ernest,

This is Julia Yang, VPE of  Lighthouse. I am so glad that you came to our club and gave us such an excellent sharing.

Your sharing is both educational and entertaining, truly lightening up our Saturday afternoon.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

We learnt so much from you. We all like it very much and hope that we can listen to your speech in the future.I am sure that our member will use anaphora,  epistrophe and other rhetorical devices in their speech from now on.

Next time, when you are going to pay a visit to Shanghai, be sure to contact us in advance. We like you very much ?

Remember, there is a TMC club in Shanghai that has extremely good meeting atmosphere, there is a TMC club in Shanghai that has friendly members, there is a TMC club in Shanghai that called Lighthouse.

Wish you a pleasant trip!”

If you’re planning to visit Shanghai in the near future, don’t forget to pay a visit to the Lighthouse Toastmasters Club, a club that has “extremely good meeting atmosphere” and “friendly members

Ernest Chen in Lighthouse Toastmasters Club in Shanghai

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